Friday, January 15, 2021
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National Signing Day for high school athletes

National Signing Day is the 1st day student-athletes can commit to attend a university or college. It's usually a big party.

Santas, some secret, pay off student meal balances

A growing holiday tradition is to give schools money to help them pay off past-due student lunch bills.

Minor injuries at a bus crash in Glen Burnie

A bus crash in Glen Burnie, Md., resulted in injuries to 6 children and 2 adults Friday. All injuries were minor.

Better to accelerate the gifted & talented

Should gifted students skip a grade? The debate may be a hundred years old. Research has settled some questions but opened others.

Hogan orders more summer, gets an earful

For math students, it's a calendar problem to schedule 180 school days between Labor Day and June 15. Is it possible mathematically?

Md. parents disappointed with start-time change

The change to H.S. start times in 1 Md. county from 7:17 to 8:30 AM can't come soon enough for leaders of key parent groups.