Friday, February 26, 2021
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Modernizing the math classroom

Current math courses don't really help students use math in the world, say many who would overhaul the high school math curriculum.

Seniors need a homework break for college apps

Applying to college is stressful for seniors. Schools could help (a little) by giving them at least 1 weekend in the fall without homework.

Nebraska juniors will take the ACT on April 19

Should states replace their high school tests, used for meeting federal accountability requirements, with a test that matters for their students?

College apps bring their fair share of stress

Applying to college is tough these days, and the process sometimes stresses students out, esp. the essays. Rejection can be worse, but there's hope.

ACT to add support for English learners

ACT announced that it will provide some supports for English learners for its college admissions test, beginning in 2017-18.

Md. pours a little oil on the college app

Applying to college can be tough to navigate, but now a program in Maryland seeks to help students get through the process.

Applying to college? Look closely at your essay.

To apply to some colleges, you have to write an essay. Some counselors have noticed a few pitfalls many students have in writing the essays.

Reed College admits different students to get more money

0 Reed College in Oregon, just minutes from downtown Portland, is known for its academic rigor and free-spirited student body. But financial problems caused the...