Friday, May 7, 2021
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Federal Title IV, Part A funding should increase

Funding for the arts has been less than what Congress authorized under ESSA, but the new budget could cut a key block grant to zero.

Musical calendar for December in IL, Md.

A few musicals are still slated to take the stage in Md. and IL high schools as the 2017 calendar year draws to a close.

Musical theater for November in Maryland, Illinois

School musicals require a coordinated effort from 100s of students, teachers, & other community members. Support & be entertained.

Ga. Eagle Scout-to-be builds a marching band tower

Marching band brings benefits to students and is a powerful formative tool in instruction: academically and non-academically.

The music men, women, and children of Perryville

The Music Man closed this evening at Perryville HS. A cast and crew of wide ranging ages showed, once again, that music affects us dearly.

Background music is both positive and negative

Music affects us in many ways, but can it help us remember what we learn? Studies are equivocal on the question, and it may depend on the individual.

Reaction time faster in musicians

If you play a musical instrument (or two...), you response time to sensory stimuli may be faster than it is for non-musicians. No causation here, just an interesting correlation.