Friday, June 18, 2021
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Lawsuit claims artificial turf is carcinogenic

A parent group is suing the San Diego school district for installing artificial turf at elementary schools. The group says it causes cancer.

Can parent sex offenders attend school functions?

A man in California, who wants to attend events at his son's high school, is suing the school so that he, a registered sex offender, can do so.

Calif. and U.S. in standoff over a science test

Calif. officials say they shouldn't waste students' time with science tests that don't even test understanding of new science standards. US says they have to.

Calif. schools didn’t tell parents about opting out

Some parents in Calif. say it was illegal for their kids' school district not to notify them they had the right to opt out of state tests.

Standardized tests don’t hold muster: Opinion

Common Core test scores will be released soon. The data may look good, but it tells us very little about our schools & teachers.

Emergency legislation considered for exit exams

Calif. cancels a test required for graduation but forgets to cancel the law that made the test a graduation requirement.

Draft photos: Washington (N.I.D.P.), Antelope, CA

We’re publishing draft-quality photos of the marching band from Antelope H.S. in California from the July 4th parade in Washington.

Draft pics: Washington (N.I.D.P.), Sacramento, CA

We’re publishing draft-quality photos of the drum line from Grant H.S. in Sacramento, Calif., from the July 4th parade in Washington.

Calif. athletic fields suffer under drought

It's important to maintain athletic fields for student safety, but in Calif., water use restrictions are causing districts to make a few sacrifices.