Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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On Okla.’s Approval of a Catholic Charter School

A Catholic public charter school, the first in the US, is set to open in Oklahoma in the fall of 2024. We disagree.

The Year of the Woman, #MeToo, & Supreme Court

What will come of Trump's 2nd Supreme Court nominee, now that charges of sexual assault have been made against him?

Roe v. Wade @ 45

The Supreme Court case that legalized abortion in the US was decided 45 years ago today. Where are we now?

Pope Francis visits the U.S.

Pope Francis makes a historic visit to the US, and schools are filled with anticipation that this former teacher will inspire them.

S.F. Catholic teachers can't oppose church teachings

Should a Catholic bishop be able to dictate what school teachers post on Facebook and other social media sites?