Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Kids praised for being smart more likely to cheat

As opposed to praising kids for "doing a good job," praising them for "being smart" can backfire and increase their tendency to cheat.

Egyptians cheat on exam to get into college

Egyptian high school students took an exam, the answers for which were posted on Facebook before the exam was even administered.

Writing prompts for Deflategate

What can we learn (and teach) from the Deflategate scandal? It ended Monday as the NFL handed out punishments for the New England Patriots.

Atlanta test-cheating conspirators sentenced

Sentences were handed down in the largest test-cheating scandal in US history, the one in Atlanta. So far, 9 educators have been sentenced to prison or jail.

Obituary: Beverly Hall

The former superintendent in the middle of the test cheating scandal in Atlanta died of breast cancer, leaving her case and legacy unresolved.

Cheating charges churn at a Peoria charter school

It's not clear whether charter school officials outright cheated when they administered the ISAT to special ed students, but irregularities in the data suggest a systemic problem of some sort.