Friday, May 7, 2021
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We mark the anniversary of the Civil Rights Act

We have much to admire about a country that can elect a President Trump while professing an undying faith in civil rights.

Some social studies looks like fiction under Trump

What should teachers do about questions they are sure to receive about the violence in Charlottesville last weekend?

Comments posted on civil rights data collection

Comments for the Civil Rights Data Collection at the US Dept of Education are now closed. Let's see what the dept does with the massive data collection effort.

Charters suspend blacks more than whites

Black students and students with disabilities are still getting out-of-school suspensions more frequently than whites, esp. in charters.

A perceptible line is drawn in transgender sand

An Illinois district has drawn what appears to be a line in the sand in the vast desert of transgender rights and relations.

Visiting the Black History Museum in Alexandria

A Black History Museum in Alexandria, Va., has much to teach us about the history of literacy in the US. It's small but moving.

Play in PA tells a story of inequity in school funding

A documentary play, based on real-life interviews, premiered in Philadelphia this week. School funding, based on property taxes, is unfair.

US to investigate civil rights charges against CPS

The US Dept of Ed will investigate allegations that Chicago school officials violated the civil rights of students at Dyett HS.

Ceramics and civil rights are closing down in Chicago

Testimony from a group from Chicago at the US Department of Education shows that CPS may be violating civil rights by closing schools that primarily serve African-American students.