Saturday, September 18, 2021
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State robotics championships this weekend

There's a statewide competition this weekend for robotics in just about all 50 states. National competition to follow.

A Va. senior organizes a nationwide A.I. summit

Artificial intelligence is making quite a name for itself, both taking away and creating jobs, by making our big-data lives more efficient.

A computer might help count human cell types

A computer program from Belgium may help scientists understand why the 30 trillion cells in a human body have so many different types.

Marching Band Excellence Utility now in beta testing

We publish today a web app for monitoring the progress of all bands competing in the Illinois marching band or Bands of America circuits.

Statement about the data hack at Equifax

Our editorial policies are designed to safeguard student identity. Our privacy policies (esp. on other systems we've built) protect everyone.

Who run the world? She who codes it.

Girls Who Code promotes equity in high-tech fields. A summer immersion camp, where 1 team programmed robots, is part of it.

No programmable formula for attraction in dating

Attraction in dating relationships is hard to predict and definitely hard to program on a computer. It's about the unpredictable intangibles.

Congress launches annual app challenge

Can you code an app? Win a contest, with prizes, and even get your app displayed in the halls of Congress if you're one of the winners from your district.

Elementary kids code a robot into space

A contest asks elementary students (ages 6–11) to program a robot for a space mission. Grand prize: a STEM field trip to Calif.