Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Fewer kindergartners, more college drop-outs

The nation has experienced an increase in college drop-outs, esp. among low-income families, and an explainable decrease in kindergarten enrollment.

School opens virtually in most Md. districts

School is now in session across all of Maryland, and it's mostly online, despite calls to keep trying to get in-person instruction.

High school football in 50 states

High-risk contact sports continue this fall in more than 30 states amid a global pandemic caused by a virus that we can't defeat.

Teachers are resigning at higher rates

Because COVID-19 is a big stressor for students, families, businesses, and teachers, many leaders in business and education have resigned or closed.

NYC pushes back school start date

1.1 mil students in the nation's largest district will start in-person school on Sept 21, not on Sept 11, as schools prepare for their return to campus.

Mice shed light on mental health, kids, COVID

The pandemic has forced many of us into isolation, which can lead to loneliness and other mental health concerns, especially for young people.

Student news roundup, Florida, Sept. 1

Schools in Florida are online for the most part as the 2020-21 school year begins, with some students reporting to campus along the Space Coast.

The fall without marching band

Due to coronavirus, marching bands at schools as well as large marching band organizations are preemptively cancelling contests and other festivals this fall.

Voxitatis congratulates the COVID Class of 2020

2020 is unique and, for high school graduates, different from anything they've seen. Proms, spring sports, & many graduation ceremonies are cancelled. Time for something new.

Vertical addition (m3.nbt.2) math practice

3rd grade, numbers and operations in base 10, 2, 3-digit vertical addition practice problem