Monday, September 21, 2020
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Cyberattack chokes Miami-Dade

Virtual learning was halted as schools opened Monday in Miami, the result of a coordinated cyberattack. 16-year-old suspect arrested.

Cyber ransom was paid by N.Y. district

A ransomware attack, similar to one that struck Baltimore Co. in the spring, forced a N.Y. school district to pay $88K.

Hackers shut down 911 in Baltimore, gov’t in Atlanta

Computer hackers have breached major government computers in Atlanta and Baltimore, giving us reason to raise an alarm.

Large-scale DDoS attack shuts us down

A DDoS attack, initiated by criminals on compromised networks of computers, known as botnets, took Voxitatis offline for a moment these past few days.

Cyberattack ransomware may have aftershocks

A ransomware cyberattack has hit more than 150 countries and is spread by users clicking a link in illegitimate email.

Why tweets are no good for presidents

Donald Trump's tweets, particularly about the Russian hacking, reveal a low ability on his part to comprehend the depth of the problem.