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Sexual assault happens in high school, too

Sexual assault stats are bad in US high schools, and high school girls are even less likely to report it than older women.

No programmable formula for attraction in dating

Attraction in dating relationships is hard to predict and definitely hard to program on a computer. It's about the unpredictable intangibles.

After a painful break-up, a placebo can help

Sham therapy can affect how depressed you feel after breaking up; MRIs of the brain show increased emotion-modulating activity with a placebo effect.

Movie review: The Edge of Seventeen

The nuances of the relationships in this high school coming of age movie take the genre to a new level: it's sensitive, loving, and true.

Cyberbullying more likely between past relations

Teens are more likely to be cyberbullied by friends, former friends, or dating partners than by those with whom they've never had a friendly relationship.