Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Kids exposed to traffic pollution show DNA damage

Doctors may one day be able to model the cell-level effects of exposure to traffic-related air pollution using telomere length in our cells.

Mutations in ‘essential’ genes linked to autism

Mutations in those genes that are essential to life have been linked to autism in a huge review of family data in a few huge databases. From U.Penn.

One little mutation can mean so much

How did unicellular organisms become multicellular? It could come down to a single mutation 600 million years ago in their DNA.

Mitochondrial DNA mutations linked to autism

Evidence mounts that mitochondrial DNA mutations are associated with autism. Mutations in mtDNA are also associated with neurological and developmental disorders.

Nobel Prize in Chemistry for DNA repair studies

Infographic: Scientists are awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work on various DNA repair mechanisms in living cells.

DNA can be used to investigate unrelated crimes

The 4th Amendment, protection against unreasonable searches, took center stage in a Md. case about police using DNA to solve unrelated crimes.

6th base found in eukaryotic DNA

A 6th nitrogenous base, once thought to exist only in bacteria, has been found in the DNA of eukaryotic cells.