Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Accused can question accusers in sex assault cases

The accused should be given a chance to cross-examine adverse witnesses, even in university disciplinary hearings.

Feds withdraw sexual assault investigation rules

The US Ed. Dept. issued interim guidance that will replace some Obama administration rules for how schools investigate sexual assault.

Teacher awarded $200k in due process claim

In a case of possible age discrimination against a teacher, a jury and judge in Indiana skirt the issue, ruling on a due process claim instead.

Reports: Dad can’t see son’s preschool graduation

Should a father be allowed to attend his son's graduation from preschool despite an (unjust) ban from the grounds?

Football booster sues school that banned him

A football booster is banned from school grounds. He allegedly recruited players from another school, which is against the rules.

Disciplined N.J. student was not a bully

N.J. parents sued a school for labeling their son as a bully when all he did was identify a girl who had lice.