Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Hunger strike ends; #FightForDyett lives on

A hunger strike in Chicago ends on Day 34, but the fight for equity in public education, esp. in large urban districts, continues.

Dyett hunger strikers get a small win

Protesters will continue a hunger strike, even after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposed a decent-sounding compromise.

Dyett hunger strikers go to Washington

Federal officials heard about the hunger strike at Dyett HS in Chicago, but we wonder, What good will come of it?

Hunger strike may #SaveDyett H.S. in Chicago

We pray for the best as officials in Chicago decide what should next happen to a landmark of Chicago education.

US to investigate civil rights charges against CPS

The US Dept of Ed will investigate allegations that Chicago school officials violated the civil rights of students at Dyett HS.

Ceramics and civil rights are closing down in Chicago

Testimony from a group from Chicago at the US Department of Education shows that CPS may be violating civil rights by closing schools that primarily serve African-American students.