Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Bees stopped flying during total solar eclipse

A total solar eclipse brings other occurrences, including one observed by citizen scientists in US elementary schools last year.

Total lunar eclipse occurs on Jan. 31

The lunar eclipse Wednesday before sunrise will be a rare event. Not as rare as some on social media claim. But rare enough.

For this historic week, Amazing Grace

Eclipse, hurricane, ... what a week! Reminds me of the power of nature, the need for math and science, and the beautiful reasons for it all.

Photoessay: Eclipse USA at Madras High School

Saw the eclipse from the home bleachers at Madras H.S. in Madras, Ore. It was the show of a lifetime—brief but full of wonder.

What stars you might see during the eclipse

Will you be taking any "artistic" photos during the eclipse. Getting some great shots of the sky could require specialized lenses.

Sunspot moved from where it was 3 days ago

Every chance we get, we're looking at the sun ahead of the US eclipse on Aug. 21. Here's a little info about the sun itself: it rotates as a gas, not a solid.

Moon begins to wane ahead of eclipse

We await the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, here in the US. The entire continental US will see at least a partial eclipse.

Confirming sunspots, 14 days before US eclipse

We thought we saw sunspots yesterday, so we pointed a slightly more powerful telescope at the sun this morning. Yep. Sunspots.

Sunspot seen at E minus 15 days

The total solar eclipse is 15 days away and our telescopes are already tuning in the sun and moon. Take a close look.

Eclipse is 16 days from now

Getting ready for the eclipse on Aug. 21? We are headed to Oregon, but today's trek took us to Phoenix, Ariz.