Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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One reason urban murder & drug rates stay high

School & community problems often come down to life in American families and how different school experiences are.

Invest in social capital and save struggling schools

We've known for a long time that schools can't improve on their own. We wrote that in 2001, and now some new research backs up that hypothesis.

Text alerts spur parental engagement

Parents who get text messages about their kids' missing school work or cut classes are more likely to follow up with the school or the kid.

Kids do better if teachers like the parents

If parents are more involved, as in coming to more parent-teacher conferences, etc., the kids tend to perform better in school, new research suggests.

When parents know about STEM, kids do too

If parents know more about the importance of STEM, their kids tend to make STEM-related choices and hone STEM-related abilities more.

STEM night for parents at Lansdowne Elementary

Families faced an engineering challenge and met some cool reptiles at a Baltimore elementary school. The focus was on problem solving.

Video of police action at Md. Common Core info session

A community member is arrested at a meeting during his impassioned attempts to ask the state's school officials about the Common Core.