Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil

The Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota has spring a leak and dumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil onto a field.

EPA advisory boards bring new perspective

EPA's Scott Pruitt names advisers who may jeopardize key environmental moves but will take a new look at our clean air policies.

Students want a ‘bag bill’ in Md. this time

Maryland may pass legislation that would make people pay a dime if they are given a disposable bag at the grocery store. It could reduce pollution.

Md. revises action plan to protect wildlife

The Md. Dept. of Natural Resources is asking the public, including school groups, to weigh in on a proposed wildlife action plan.

Lake surface temps rise around the world

Most of Earth's liquid freshwater is in lakes that support biodiversity and provide food and other resources. Climate change is among the greatest threats to lakes.

42 mil Canadian birds die in window collisions

Is it possible to reduce the number of birds that die by colliding with windows in urban areas? It's a problem in Canada and in other places as well.

Chesapeake Bay surface water temp increasing

The temperature of water at the surface of the Chesapeake Bay is increasing more rapidly than the air temperature, new research concludes.

Obama delivers climate change message in Alaska

President Obama delivered an urgent message about climate change to Alaska. He was well received in the land of big drilling.

'World of 7 Billion' contest has a Md. winner

Two students from Broadneck HS in Annapolis won a video contest for The World of 7 Billion population education program.

Schools earn national Green Ribbon honors

It's Earth Day, and 1 middle school in IL, an elementary and a high school in Md., and a Md. school system have won 2015 Green Ribbon Schools awards.