Friday, June 18, 2021
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I think we have Hillary to thank for this

A huuuge hole has been discovered in our nation. Can women proudly step through it and achieve greatness regularly?

A high school student’s view of equality

Even with the #MeToo movement, women (and high school girls) have a long way to go before actual equality can be achieved.

How we might reduce racial bias in kids

The key is to keep reinforcing education efforts for children to see people who look different from them as individuals.

Do rainbow signs at Yorktown promote equality?

Bumper sticker-length slogans, even those that promote equality and diversity, don't belong in an institution of learning, like a high school in Arlington, Va.

Dyett hunger strikers get a small win

Protesters will continue a hunger strike, even after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposed a decent-sounding compromise.

Dyett hunger strikers go to Washington

Federal officials heard about the hunger strike at Dyett HS in Chicago, but we wonder, What good will come of it?