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Evolution, Darwin are not to be taught in Turkey

Turkish children will not learn about Darwin's evolution theories in high school biology classes starting next year, as the country redoes its curriculum.

Evolutionary convergence in 2 distant deserts

Why do 2 plants from different parts of the world have similar characteristics or traits? It's natural selection & convergent evolution.

Music has always been a part of being human

What is music? How and why did music become such an important part of our lives? Does it predate speech? More reason to keep music programs strong.

Better to teach genetics before evolution

Getting students to understand a tough concept like evolution could be better if you teach them the fundamentals of genetics first.

How fish fins evolved to become fingers

New research out of the University of Chicago provides insight into one of the most important evolutionary developments for humans: fingers.

How did primates’ brains get so big?

Primate brains are large, compared to other animals, but even when primates themselves were small, their brains started to get big.

Carson won’t ‘believe in’ evolution. Should you?

A Republican presidential candidate and neurosurgeon says he doesn't "believe in" evolution. Strange indeed. But so what?

For some birds, color is a mixed blessing

Natural selection is at work in making the cap on female red-capped plovers dull while that on males of the species has remained brightly colored.

Distance running as a potential mating dance?

In our evolutionary past, females may have used a man's skill as a distance runner to determine the quality of his other male traits, new research finds.

Two iguana species evolve on the Galapagos Islands

We have the following problem: On the Galapagos Islands, several species of iguanas live on land, and some species live only in marine environments. It...