Friday, March 5, 2021
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Pa. school settles in case of denying pro-life club

A school dist. in Pa. announced an out-of-court settlement that will allow a student club considered anti-abortion to exist.

Citing safety, Centennial disbands varsity football

Centennial HS in Ellicott City, Md., doesn't have enough varsity football players this fall to field a complete team and still attend to the safety of players.

W. Chgo. volunteer teachers suspend a few clubs

Teachers in West Chicago have been working without a contract, and now they have decided not to volunteer their time to sponsor some student clubs.

Balto. City restores free bus service for students

Thanks to the Ravens, Under Armour, and gov't officials who have kids' back, Baltimore students will be able to ride public buses for free until 8 PM.

What a great love kids have for sports!

How important are sports to the lives of students in school? Pretty important, given what sports bring to kids' lives, like enjoying school.

Girls in Belvidere sure know how to build a motor

Some high school competitions actually involve more traditional life skills, like how to fix your car when it breaks down.