Monday, January 18, 2021
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Bremen H.S. student drive buses food to kids

Students at a Chicago-area high school collected and donated food to children at a nearby elementary school. Let's hope it catches on.

Staff and students in Red Bud create a food pantry

Staff and students at a small high school about 35 miles south of St. Louis have started a food pantry in the school's library.

New greenhouse will help bring veggies to schools

How does food get to your school cafeterias? Is it grown locally or does the school just buy it in a grocery store like everyone else?

Fresh, local food for lots of Md. students

Farm-to-school programs are great for kids and for local growers. Md. leads the nation in some respects, the USDA says.

'Md. Breakfast Challenge' feeds hungry kids

Many kids in Md. who could receive free breakfasts at school don't participate in the free breakfast program. Let's change that.