Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Obituary: Carlos Sanchez, Arizona football player

An Arizona high school football player died last Friday as a result of injuries sustained in a game. He hit his head on the ground, reports say.

Antioch senior athletes look to leave a legacy

As the school year begins, some senior athletes, aware that this will be it for many of them, step up their game.

Obituary: Lewis Simpkins, football player

A football player in S.C. collapsed during a football practice on a hot day and died shortly after efforts to revive him fell short.

Texas H.S. football players assault ref

A viral video has landed 2 football players from a San Antonio, Texas, HS in hot water for assaulting a referee during a game.

La. H.S. football player dies in game injury

A Lousiana high school football player died from a broken neck while covering a punt at a football game Friday night.

Movie preview: Concussion

A film starring Will Smith as the doctor who 1st identified traumatic brain injuries in the brains of former NFL players is due out in December.

Football practice in the southwestern heat

A strong heat wave in southern California and Arizona follows one in Texas earlier this week, and football teams have to adjust.

We announce the opening of IL football coverage

We have begun the coverage season for IL HS football this fall. Opening day is Friday, Aug. 28, and our football pages are upgraded.

Writing contest, $400 top prize, for students

We announce a writing contest, open to public school students in Md. and IL, about athletics and standardized tests.

IL considers new rules for football practice

IL is likely to revise its rules on full-contact football practices for the fall. They're looking to reduce the chances for brain injury.