Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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US might partially forgive bad for-profit student loans

Student loans from fraudulent for-profit colleges, completely forgiven during the Obama years, might be only partially canceled now.

Feds move toward for-profit college revival

The federal gov't appears to be removing some of the protections students have against predatory lending by for-profit colleges.

Trump settles fraud suit over his university

Trump U. settled a case in which it was alleged that the Trump organization made fraudulent claims to convince people to pay thousands of dollars.

Dulaney H.S. scores 100% college acceptance

Staff at 2 Baltimore Co. H.S.'s told graduates to apply to college in order to get accepted to ≥1 2- or 4-year school.

Durbin warns educators about for-profit colleges

Sen Dick Durbin of IL wants to make certain students avoid for-profit colleges that give students nothing but worthless degrees and high indebtedness.