Monday, October 26, 2020
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Over anti-LGBT policy, a school loses voucher funds

A Lutheran school in Harford Co., Md., sacrificed state voucher funds because it has reserved the right to deny admission to LGBT students.

Students celebrate Prayer at the Pole Day

An annual Christian celebration of prayer celebrated community, families, friends, and churches this morning around the country.

Football coach can’t pray publicly after games

The Naperville North Huskies jumped to 4-0 after a homecoming win. Meanwhile, a Washington state coach can't lead prayer after games.

Some people are just so sure they’re right

It is important to consider the perspective of other people, even as we maintain faith in our own religious beliefs, new research suggests.

Supreme Court scuttles a church-state schooner

SCOTUS today said Missouri couldn't discriminate against a church in providing playground maintenance funds just b/c it's a church.

Can the president destroy a law?

Pres Trump promised Wednesday to "destroy" the Johnson Amendment which prohibits tax-exempt organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates.

Pro-life club may sue Ind. H.S. for censorship

A pro-life club at an Ind. H.S. says the school showed viewpoint discrimination in banning its poster, which opposes abortion. Lawsuit possible.

Maybe a Fla. dist. took pledge opt-out too far

Ah, Florida. Parents now have to be reminded, as if they didn't already know, that their kids don't have to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

After-school ‘Satan’ clubs are popping up

Satanic clubs are popping up in a few places. Not to worship the devil but to eliminate from schools those who take advantage of religious liberty to indoctrinate kids.

Christian group helps teachers understand a law

Bring Christianity into public school classrooms to address student questions that don't start out that way, is wrong.