Sunday, October 25, 2020
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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Research out of Northwestern Univ shows a causal relationship between repeated failure and future success. Hang in there. Always.

In life, that’s how the ball bounces

The Bears and Ravens showed fans how to play the game of football (or life, actually), despite losing 1st-round playoff games last week.

Finding ‘your passion’ may not be the best advice

Recent research studies suggest that in an increasingly interdisciplinary world, "finding your passion" isn't as good as "developing" it.

Male success stereotypes undermine women’s interest

Why are women underrepresented in certain fields, and why do they have less interest in certain careers? Society could be to blame.

Miss. school sparks the flame of success

A focus on attendance and investment by the community in the school's goals has helped one Miss. elementary turn around.

Warmth builds self-esteem more than praise

A series of literature reviews now published in Child Development examines how children make judgments about their place in the world.

Kids praised for being smart more likely to cheat

As opposed to praising kids for "doing a good job," praising them for "being smart" can backfire and increase their tendency to cheat.

PRIDE & PBIS at Dunbar in Lexington, Ky.

The school environment should be safe and it should promote learning. Here's how one school in Ky. works to make that happen.

Mistakes we make are often our best teachers

Mistakes happen, esp. as we learn new skills or discover new knowledge in school and other places. So, let's take the opportunity to figure out what went wrong.

We decide early in life if we can carry a tune

Students decide early in life if they have any musical "talent," and that predicts whether they take music classes later. They don't see music ability as a skill.