Monday, August 3, 2020
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Ohio University hazing charges bring suspensions

The university is investigating hazing charges brought against several student organizations and social groups.

Va. State band suspended over hazing allegations

Va. State suspended its marching band while police complete an investigation into hazing allegations by members.

Hazing deaths spur change in fraternity parties

Several recent hazing deaths involving alcohol at fraternity parties on college campuses have caused several colleges to rethink Greek life.

High-intensity spin classes can lead to disease

High-intensity workout are more common nowadays because people are crunched for time, but they can be dangerous if not approached right.

Niles North suspends football over possible hazing

Officials at Niles N. H.S. in Skokie, IL, have suspended the varsity football program over allegations that 'hazing' may have occurred.

Hazing leads to sexual assault charges in Texas

Hazing allegations have surfaced around the football team at a South Texas high school, and 9 students have been charged with sex assault.

Lake Zurich coaches resign over hazing charges

Bad hazing allegations, spanning about 20 years, have surfaced at Lake Zurich HS in Chicago's north-shore suburbs.

$1 mil hazing settlement at Maine West

A Chicago-area school district settled a lawsuit in which 5 soccer players alleged that they were inappropriately hazed 4 years ago.

Hazing alleged since the 70s at Ooltewah

Where a nationally recognized marching band resides, other school officials are being sued in connection with sexual assault and hazing.

Ind. team forfeits games after hazing alleged

Criminal charges may soon be filed against several members of a high school football team in Indiana following hazing over 2 years.