Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Movie review: Fahrenheit 11/9

The latest documentary from Michael Moore shows an America that is divided but also hopeful that the American Dream is not dead.

Teen Vogue Summit inspires teens in L.A.

A magazine's summit brings together young people, and inspires, encourages, & connects a new generation of activists & creators.

Trump picks a national security adviser

Donald Trump's pick for national security adviser should be opposed, even though opposition by Republicans is unlikely.

In historic vote, U.S. elects Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been elected president, the 1st person to be elected without ever holding a military post or elective office. Here are school-centered priorities.

Q&A by Clinton, Trump on education issues

Presidential candidates responded (sort of) to a request by Valerie Strauss at the Washington Post to some education-related questions.

Can the president put someone in jail?

We take a somewhat pointed look at the call Donald Trump made for a special prosecutor in the debate earlier this evening.

No education in Trump-Clinton debate #1

No education issues were discussed in the 1st presidential debate with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but some were referenced in other remarks.

Try to keep campaign nastiness out of class

Teachers want to talk about the election, but some of the hateful rhetoric is hurtful, especially if students direct it at other students.

Trump releases sort of an education plan

Donald J Trump issued a few proposals for what he would do as president for education. It's about school choice, vouchers, and merit pay.

Movie review: Hillary’s America

We review, with very low marks, the latest propaganda movie about Hillary Clinton, who is in line to become the 1st female president.