Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Wildfires in Hawaii Kill at Least 93

Almost 100 people have died and school life interrupted in Maui Co., Hawaii, after the state's deadliest wildfire in a century.

How the emerald ash borer kills trees

An invasive species has hit ash trees in at least 35 states. The beetle from Asia spreads by hitching a ride on firewood.

Hybrid vigor increases in an invasive Fla. python

Invasive pythons in Florida have increased their chances of survival by interbreeding between Indian and Burmese pythons.

4 years running, a day of service in Flossmoor

100s of volunteers fanned out across Chicago's southland to mark a day of service and celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Global trade brings many invasive species

With global trade and transport, thousands of species have spread into regions where they weren't originally at home, and some effects are harmful.