Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Basketball player barred for wearing a hijab

A Muslim girl in Md. wasn't allowed to play in a regional championship basketball game because she was wearing a hijab.

World Hijab Day in Minnesota, Champaign

World Hijab Day Wednesday allowed people unfamiliar with Islam to engage their Muslim neighbors, co-workers, and friends, and share what they learn.

Students open up about black, Muslim concerns

Students, in their newspapers, speak out about black lives being taken from us and a disrespect for a Muslim woman because she wears a hijab.

5 of 11 biggest ed stories have national scope

Happy New Year! ESSA, #BlackLivesMatter, floods & tornadoes, concussions, charters, teachers' strikes, corruption: the big stories of 2015.

Muslims mark The Prophet’s Birthday, Dec. 24

We wish you a very happy Eid Milad ul-Nabi and call on all people of faith to work for peace, justice, happiness, and love.

A Muslim student’s perspective on terrorism

Muslim students are concerned that we are stereotyping all Muslims as terrorists. Maybe some people are, but most aren't. We have bigger problems.

What we can teach about the Paris attacks

What should you say to students about the terrorist attacks on Paris last week? Teachers in France and America wrestle with this question.

Kids become sex slaves under ISIS rule

Young girls are being captured and used as sex slaves by the powers that be in the Islamic State (ISIS). It must be stopped.

Muslim holy days added to NY schools calendar

Should we observe Muslim holy days in our schools or just ignore religious references altogether when creating school calendars?

Coalition wants schools to close on Muslim holidays

A few groups, primarily Muslim in composition, are requesting that Montgomery County Public Schools close on important Muslim holidays, just like they do for Christian and Jewish holidays.