Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Educators critique Blueprint for Maryland’s Future

Some want an accountability board to revise the proposed implementation details of what the state calls the Blueprint for Maryland's Future.

Many teachers work a 2nd job, but why?

Many public school teachers say they work a 2nd job, but is it to make ends meet because we don't pay them enough, or what?

Happiness is a choice, a top one, students declare

Happiness is, at least, as important as test scores and other accomplishments for schools and students. Here's the proof.

Delinquent behaviors reduced by diversity, inclusion

By looking at delinquent behavior among students, a new study out of Calif. suggests it's important to recruit (and keep) minority teachers.

Kirwan commission issues preliminary report

A commission in Md. has issued its preliminary report about how the state should spend money to improve the quality of education for students.

Tomorrow begins the 2018 legislative session in Md.

The Maryland General Assembly convenes tomorrow for its legislative session this year. Education leads the agenda in some ways.