Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Dim light can make animals dumb

The neurons in the brain make fewer connections in dim light, but they recover quickly after bright light returns.

Sleep plays an important role in memory

Sleep helps our brain strengthen memories, and good sleep therefore can help us learn. But that same strengthening can also get in the way.

Ethical for teachers to promote tech products?

Teachers use their classrooms to promote commercial products in exchange for freebies tech companies offer them.

Forgetting trivia helps us remember what’s important

Our brain is wired to remember what we learn over the long term, but it may be just as important that we forget details that won't get us anywhere.

Good sleep recalibrates your brain cells

How does good sleep affect your capacity for learning and for remembering what you learn? Hopkins scientists have some answers.

How does practice make perfect?

People who keep practicing for ~20 mins after they master a skill actually lock in that learning. New learning probably won't interfere with it either.

To remember test material, tell a friend

Do you want to ace a test? Just tell a friend what you've learned about the subject of the test. This will help crystallize the memory of that content.

Practice tests may help info retrieval under stress

When you're under stress, like taking a test, you don't retrieve info as efficiently from your brain. Practice tests can help with that.

Facebook makes forgetting less frequent

Researchers at Cornell University have found that posting an event in your life on social media makes it easier to recall the details of...

Drawing words helps you remember them

You might be better off drawing about stuff you need to learn than writing it out in words. It's a caveman-like strategy, yes, but it works.