Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Obituary: Gustavo López, Mexican earthquake victim

An earthquake that struck near Mexico City on Tuesday killed more than 200 people, including about 30 children at a school.

Now this Calif. high school has its own mariachi band

A small grant helped a teacher start the 1st-ever mariachi band at his h.s. Tradition, memories, scenes of childhood, far-away places.

Magnitude 8.1 earthquake strikes Mexico

An earthquake has devastated parts of Mexico, esp. those near its border with Guatemala. But the effects were felt for 100s of miles. Tsunami warning.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. Fruit does.

President Trump proposed and then pulled back off a 20% tariff on goods produced in Mexico. It would have changed a lot and might not have worked.

Gunfire at Oaxaca teachers’ union fight

Violence has erupted near Mexico City, as teachers in Oaxaca state protest government "reforms" that include strong teacher evaluations.

In memoriam: 1 year after the Iguala crimes

We pause briefly to remember the souls of 43 students who were studying to become teachers in Mexico until police abducted them.

Police action follows Oaxaca teachers' protest

Education reform is coming to Mexico, and some entrenched teachers in poor communities don't want it. Police shut them down.