Sunday, May 9, 2021
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With special stem cells, geckos regenerate a tail

Part of the puzzle to repairing human spinal cord trauma may be solved by animals that can regenerate the cord.

Gene-editing tool shows promise for vision disorder

CRISPR may allow researchers to deactivate a master switch gene in DNA to prevent the worsening of a blindness-causing condition

Math models can predict dropout rates

As the number of classes students fail goes up, so do the chances they'll drop out, a new mathematical modeling approach has found.

Math could help us understand our bodies, disease

Scientists from Berkeley and Mich. develop a model from a math perspective for how genes are expressed in different cells at different stages.

Modeling a food web with math

A significant mathematical model describing the nature of food webs was published a year ago. It could change how ecosystem is taught at all levels in our schools.

Blogger has tips for teaching ELLs about science

Teaching science with the Next Generation Science Standards is a challenge, but it's worth every ounce of effort, esp. in the real world.