Friday, September 17, 2021
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Naperville 203 strike possible on Aug. 19

A teachers' strike looms in a big Chicago suburb: salaries and paid leave to care for sick family members are the big issues.

Gun in a Naperville school, manhunt in Plainfield

A student was carrying a gun inside Naperville Central H.S., and nearby schools were locked down as police searched for a wanted man.

US Sen. Bernie Sanders comes to Naperville

US Sen Bernie Sanders of Vt. came to IL to talk to students about the political revolution he started when he ran for president in 2016.

Naperville senior would rather shoot than toot

2 HSs, one in Md., one in IL, are off to a great start in girls' basketball. Sometimes it's senior leadership. Other times, it's underclassmen who drive the intensity.

Lockport Twp. is grand champion at Naperville

Results are in from the Naperville Central Marching Classic, and Lockport Township High School edged out a grand championship.

IL schools host marching band history Saturday

It'll be a spectacular Saturday for marching bands in IL, with a performance in Lisle by the celebrated & symphonious Marching Illini.

IL & Ore. schools may be establishing religion

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has recently lodged complaints against public school districts in Naperville and Portland, asking them to stop establishing religion.

Illinois’s biggest marching weekend Sept. 19-20

The biggest weekend of marching this year in IL gives us a chance to reflect on what students get out of marching band.

Back-to-school picnics in Hagerstown, Naperville

Back-to-school picnics are a great way to bring communities together to celebrate all the good things happening in our schools.