Sunday, April 18, 2021
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An everlasting in-person / e-learning debate

Students will do whatever school administrators tell them to do with regard to e-learning, but all approaches have risks that require balance.

IL ties TX for most Blue Ribbon Schools in 2018

The National Blue Ribbon went this year to more schools in IL than any other state but Texas. 7 Md. schools also honored.

Boys’ soccer in fog: old hat in 3A, 1st ever in...

Naperville N. won its 2nd consecutive title in boys' soccer (3A); Solorio Academy from Chicago won its 1st title in any sport, ever.

US Sen. Bernie Sanders comes to Naperville

US Sen Bernie Sanders of Vt. came to IL to talk to students about the political revolution he started when he ran for president in 2016.

Worst semester of life at a competitive high school

Being a student at a highly competitive high school has its good points, but many students bail out at the first sign of stress.

Gummy bears make students sick in Naperville

Students at Naperville North HS in IL became ill today after eating gummy bears that may have been laced with another substance.

Back-to-school picnics in Hagerstown, Naperville

Back-to-school picnics are a great way to bring communities together to celebrate all the good things happening in our schools.