Friday, August 14, 2020
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Movie review: Hidden Figures

A movie about the role black women played in NASA's rocket programs in the 60s brings home some important lessons for students everywhere.

How about a little free fall after a math lesson?

Indoor skydiving is a reward for some Dallas-area students who are doing well in school. Fun, exciting, and a great lesson in math and physics.

NASA makes a better map for the August eclipse

Using detailed data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, NASA developed an accurate map of the path of totality for the US solar eclipse.

Cassini sees Saturn’s hexagon-shaped jet stream

An intriguing jet stream can be found in Saturn's atmosphere, and NASA's Cassini sent back a few pics from the latest phase of its mission.

Total solar eclipse exactly one year away

We're one year away from a total solar eclipse, the first one visible from the US in about 38 years. What will you do?

NASA spots El Niño changes that change weather

Rainfall patterns shifted this year because of an unusual El Niño in the Pacific that started back in December.

New Horizons spacecraft talks to Earth from Pluto

Images of Pluto and its moons have started arriving back on Earth after a historic fly-by. We're proud to be American.

Water, water, everywhere water — even in space

NASA scientists have been looking for water (and life) on other worlds, and they've found evidence of liquid water in some of those distant worlds.