Monday, August 3, 2020
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‘Read to the Final Four’ coming for 3rd graders

A reading contest for 3rd graders in the Atlanta metro area will crown the "Final Four" schools just before the NCAA tournament.

No downside for colleges recruiting middle schoolers

The brain parts that make decisions aren't fully developed in 6th graders, so why do colleges ask them to make decisions that affect their lives?

U.Md. president to step down over athletic scandal

A heat stroke and death of a football player at the U. of Md. in June forced the president of the university to step down.

The NFL season comes down to this

This wasn't such a good season for the Bears or the Ravens, but they have ties now back to the Univ. of Del. that look promising.

Sports injury app has good detection rates

A new app developed for student-athletes who are possibly injured has a very rate of detecting injury based on self-reported information.

NCAA touts highest-ever graduation rate

Graduation rates for college athletes rose slightly and are ahead of the graduation rates for the general student body, the NCAA says.

College football players can't unionize

Northwestern's football players can't form a union, but the need for reform in FBS college athletics is dire.


It's time for the annual March Madness ritual. It gives us a chance to ponder a few questions about college sports and, in particular, basketball.

NCAA violated antitrust laws

The NCAA can't prohibit athletes from sharing in the revenue their names and images generate for colleges. Amateurism in the NCAA is threatened.