Monday, August 3, 2020
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Ohio University hazing charges bring suspensions

The university is investigating hazing charges brought against several student organizations and social groups.

Gahanna Lincoln’s Mamma Mia on Mother’s Day

Mamma Mia closes Sunday at Gahanna Lincoln High School near Columbus, Ohio. Cast of more than 100 in a fun-filled production.

Lawsuit might stop Ohio school from arming teachers

The wisdom of arming teachers in our classrooms is still a hot debate, but school boards still have to follow state and federal laws.

A big online charter school is folding in Ohio

A huge online charter school will shut its doors in Ohio, leaving ~12k students scrambling to find other educational options.

Piqua teen is passionate about percussion

Life can sometimes be lonely for symphonic percussionists—long stretches of sitting. But then, they're the heartbeat of the orchestra.

Art. Leaving a legacy. In a school. Does what?

The school environment plays a role not only in how much students enjoy school but, as a factor in stress and joy, in how successful they are.

New law in Ohio allows drivers to run a red light

A new Ohio law will allow drivers who can safely proceed through a red light to do exactly that. Be careful.

Kids worse off in Ohio online charters

Bigger results now coming in show that online or virtual charter schools do not provide an effective education for students, here in Ohio.

Gov. John Kasich on education-related issues

Republican candidates for president this year have limited qualifications. John Kasich, the only reasonable one in the bunch, has a few unsavory positions.

Draft photos: Washington (N.I.D.P.), Minford, Ohio

We’re publishing draft-quality photos of the marching band from Minford HS in Ohio from the July 4th parade in Washington.