Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Important kindergarten lessons in Md. and Miss.

We learn many of life's most important lessons, academic and otherwise, in kindergarten. Money for schools can support good programs.

Md. county hits the opioid crisis head-on

The opioid crisis has caused schools to adjust their services, sometimes beyond the needs of current funding or staffing levels.

2 seemingly opposite approaches help opioid addicts

What treatment could help people who are addicted to opioids? Methods differ, but a few have been found equally effective.

Chemists could soon quickly screen for fentanyl

Mass spectrometry can be used to screen for the presence of opioids, including the elusive synthetic versions and fentanyl. Can it help?

Surfing is fun for troubled kids & hungry crocs

Research suggests that play is an important component of intelligence and learning. Why not teach kids lessons that keep them safe?

Fentanyl deaths up 70% this year in Maryland

While heroin itself appears to have leveled off in Maryland, abuse of other opioids, esp. the synthetic fentanyl, have spiked.

Ohio school hears a sad message about opioids

Drug overdose deaths are surging in the US, and that's a problem on many levels. It hits high schools hard, both for families and friends of those addicted.

Park City supt. reflects on student overdose deaths

When 2 middle schoolers in your district die of a drug overdose within 2 days of each other, you need to strategize and build relationships.

Md. schools to stock opioid overdose drug

Opioid abuse has hit high schools, so educators in many states, incl. Maryland, stock schools with an emergency overdose antidote drug.

Opioid addiction is a winnable war: Sessions

New prosecutors have been sent out by the Trump administration to 12 districts around the country in order to win the war against opioid addiction.