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PARCC 8th-grade math: infinite solution set

On the PARCC 8th grade math test, students will be required to analyze systems of equations and determine if there are no, 1, or infinitely many solutions.

Grade 8 PARCC math: parameterized equations

8th graders learn to use mathematics to reason and analyze systems of linear equations in 2 variables.

Grade 8 PARCC math: solid geometry

Students in 8th grade should be able to find and work with the volumes of sphere, cones, & cylinders. How big is that shot-put?

Grade 8 PARCC math: geometric transformations

Transformations are introduced in 8th grade under the Common Core under the umbrella of congruency (and similarity).

Grade 8 PARCC math: Pythagorean distance

Determining the distance along the diagonal of a right triangle using the Pythagorean Theorem is new to 8th graders under the Common Core.

Grade 8 PARCC math: functions as rules

Working with functions comes to the Common Core in 8th grade, and the properties of functions described in different ways can be compared.

Grade 8 PARCC math: scientific notation

Do you know how to put numbers expressed in "scientific notation" in order from least to greatest? You'll need to if you're taking the PARCC 8th-grade math test.

Grade 8 PARCC math: integer exponents

Another new topic for 8th graders under the Common Core is the idea of expressions in exponents. Do you know the rules?