Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Competitive pressure makes ‘choking’ more likely

Unless monetary reward is involved, competition may adversely affect performance of employees. Is the same true for students?

Football participation down in Chicago suburbs

High school football participation is down. Research that shows the sport leads to higher concussion and lower mental functioning is to blame.

Citing safety, Centennial disbands varsity football

Centennial HS in Ellicott City, Md., doesn't have enough varsity football players this fall to field a complete team and still attend to the safety of players.

Calif. baseball player: ‘Coach illegally benched me’

A former h.s. baseball player is suing his coach in Calif., claiming the coach benched him only because he didn't do a fundraiser for the team.

Lawsuit claims artificial turf is carcinogenic

A parent group is suing the San Diego school district for installing artificial turf at elementary schools. The group says it causes cancer.

Football & band at a flood-soaked La. school

Despite massive flooding in Louisiana 2 weeks ago, football continues. One town, with 90% of its buildings destroyed, will host a home game.

Baltimore City may raise bar for student-athletes

Baltimore City student-athletes may have a specific GPA requirement in order to maintain eligibility for sports. It's about time.

Extracurricular participation up for 27th year

The annual high school sports and activity participation survey has been released, and it shows steady participation in football, overall growth.

NFL said to ignore physics in Deflategate

Super Bowl 50 is today. How does the NFL get along with real science, civility, and parenting in the 21st century?

2, 4, 6, 8: Not everyone gets to participate

College marching bands and cheerleading squads don't always get to go to bowl games, given logistical and financial challenges.