Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Trump claims equal protection violation in PA votes

A US district court judged has dismissed a lawsuit in Pa. filed by the Trump campaign claiming a violation of 14th-Amendment rights.

Black marching band costumes were insensitive

A bad costume choice (similar to blackface) results in the public censuring of a Western Pennsylvania school district.

Penn. school funding fight can proceed to trial

A nationally famous school funding case can proceed to trial, the Penn. Supreme Court ruled. The decision could affect schools everywhere.

2nd Pa. Teen Health Week celebrates learning

Teen Health Week came to Pa. for the 2nd time this week. The week was filled with activities in schools and a final party at a medical museum in Philadelphia.

A plea against charters rises from Bethlehem

When charter schools and other private corporations or churches take money away from public schools, bad things can happen and often do.

Draft photos: Washington (N.I.D.P.), Palmyra, Pa.

We’re publishing draft-quality photos of the marching band from Palmyra Area HS in PA, from the July 4th parade in Washington.