Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Weight loss should not be goal of P.E.

Staying active, rather than weight loss, should be the goal of physical education classes in school. a U. of Ga. study suggests.

Runners’ brains, like musicians’, more connected

Research shows that runners' brains, like those of musicians, are more connected in their networks of neurons. What's that about?

Need to remember what you learn? Try running.

In terms of remembering what you just learned, post-learning activities help in this order: running, outdoor activities, video games. In fact, video games may hurt memory.

More P.E. (not) linked to higher math scores

A new study from D.C. shows no positive correlation between PE minutes per week and academic proficiency in mathematics.

A few Md. schools reinvent gym class

Engaging students in gym class isn't easy. It can require creative thinking on the part of PE teachers. That's what happens in Howard County.

IL bill would make PE requirement a local decision

A proposed law in IL would remove the state's requirement that HS students take 4 years of PE and let local boards decide.

District 214 to grant PE waivers for marching band

Unequal application of the PE waiver law in the Illinois School Code causes a bit of a stir at a board meeting for Northwest Suburban District 214.