Friday, July 3, 2020
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Sheriff ‘searched’ students, faces sex assault charge

A search that may have been unlawful or unconstitutional at a Ga. h.s. has resulted in the indictment of a sheriff on sexual battery charges.

Concussion for N.C. student body-slammed by cop

A N.C. student suffered what appears to be a concussion after a school resource officer body-slammed her after she had broken up a fight.

Should Chicago schools provide arrest info?

A civil rights group sues the Chgo. Public Schools to get info it says is vital to reducing the school-to-prison pipeline, esp. for African-Americans.

Colo. district votes to arm teachers

Teachers in a Colo. district will now be allowed to carry guns on campus if they hold concealed-carry permits and get some additional training.

Student shot by police at a H.S. in Reno, Nev.

A police officer shot a student who witnesses say was wielding a knife at a high school in Reno, Nev., Wednesday. The student is in critical condition.

7-year-old Mo. student cried, was handcuffed

A 7-year-old boy, allegedly handcuffed by a police officer in a Kansas City elementary school for crying, is suing the school district.

Young people can resolve conflict without violence

Education Week published an op-ed written by directors of the U. of Chicago Crime Lab. What if we taught teens, in health class, to resist violence?

S.C. rule limits police involvement in schools

New rules for police engagement in school discipline could go into effect in South Carolina, sparked by a resource officer dragging a student across the room.

6-year-old handcuffed; took candy from a teacher

A 6-year-old Chicago Public Schools elementary student was handcuffed for taking candy off her teacher's desk. Mom said she'd sue.

South suburbs band together for wounded officer

Relations between police officers and schoolchildren could be better in America, but in a south-suburban community, kids rally to support a wounded officer.