Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Racial tensions rise at Md. football games

If you somehow thought the election of Barack Obama would bring a decline in racism, you were wrong. So wrong.

Wis. girl found 3 months after abduction

A 13-year-old girl, whose parents were murdered, was abducted by a stranger and held captive for 3 months before she escaped.

Obituary: Police Officer Amy Caprio

A Balto. Co. police officer was run over by a Jeep allegedly driven by a juvenile suspect. On a school day. This is Baltimore.

Hackers shut down 911 in Baltimore, gov’t in Atlanta

Computer hackers have breached major government computers in Atlanta and Baltimore, giving us reason to raise an alarm.

Rifleman threatens work crew near Houston schools

A man with a military-style assault rifle put 2 Houston-area schools on lockdown Monday, but the standoff ended peacefully.

Md. girl pepper sprayed; Chicago students react

Some Chicago high school students suggest ways police might better serve and protect citizens in our diverse communities.

Manhunt continues as 10-year-old is stabbed

A killer is at large, possibly in the vicinity of Glen Burnie, Md., accused of stabbing a 10-year-old girl to death. Her brother was also stabbed.

Milwaukee riot follows a police-involved shooting

Riots broke out in Milwaukee Saturday following a police-involved shooting of an armed black man who was fleeing police. Frustration reigns.

Police in Minn. shoot a school cafeteria worker

A protest over police shooting of black people turned violent in Dallas, but the nation is now engrossed in a conversation about police-community relations.

South suburbs band together for wounded officer

Relations between police officers and schoolchildren could be better in America, but in a south-suburban community, kids rally to support a wounded officer.