Monday, May 10, 2021
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School absences correlated with bad air quality

Even a little reduction in the quality of the air seems to be correlated with an increase in school absences in Salt Lake City.

EPA advisory boards bring new perspective

EPA's Scott Pruitt names advisers who may jeopardize key environmental moves but will take a new look at our clean air policies.

Keep kids away from wildfire smoke in San Fran

A study from Barcelona suggests that exposure to air pollution on the way to school can damage children’s cognitive development.

Kids exposed to traffic pollution show DNA damage

Doctors may one day be able to model the cell-level effects of exposure to traffic-related air pollution using telomere length in our cells.

Pollution in the Chesapeake Bay is 200 years old

Pollution, resulting in high nitrogen levels in the Chesapeake Bay estuary in Maryland, did not start building after World War II but about a hundred years earlier.

Pope seeks action on climate change

An encyclical has been issued from the Holy See in Rome, saying we should take action to stop causing climate change. Finally!