Sunday, September 20, 2020
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One reason urban murder & drug rates stay high

School & community problems often come down to life in American families and how different school experiences are.

Feminine hygiene products available in IL schools

A new law in IL will make tampons and pads available to 6th through 12th graders in the bathrooms of their schools. Good idea!

Kids from poorer families may know fewer words

Kids from low-income families are exposed to fewer words, but the fact is, vocabulary remains smaller than peers even after school starts.

ACT achievement gap (poverty) worse than feared

ACT data from the graduating class of 2016 show a wide achievement gap between white/Asian students and those from low-income familes. Anybody care?

Living in poverty adversely affects education

The Great Recession brought poverty to many families that were not living in poverty prior to 2008, a new study has shown.

We sing America through the mic of poetry

Student poetry from a school in St. Louis expresses what it means to kids to be American and continues the tradition of Langston Hughes.

Poorer countries have more bullying, fighting

Living in poorer countries makes it more likely that a child will be the victim of bullying and be involved in physical fights more often.

Failing schools bring out voters, but unequally

Inequity is promoted, not reduced, when school accountability results label schools as failing: voters turn out in White districts, not in Black.

Students donate diapers etc. to families in need

We report on groups of students who work to donate diapers and other items needed by mothers to families in need of assistance.

Can we or should we ‘help’ the poor?

We find an abandonment of the American dream as companies send jobs overseas and as charter schools become corrupt.