Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Mont. scholarship fund excludes religious schools

Can a state send money to religious schools? Well, it's complicated. For certain purposes, yes; SCOTUS will define it a little more this term.

Parents in Maine sue for religious school tuition

Some districts in Me. don't have a high school, so schools reimburse parents for outside tuition. But not for religious schools.

The diverse Friday night lights in Alabama

Private schools compete against public schools in several states, but there are clear recruiting advantages for private schools.

Want trumps need as Congress passes tax reform

The new tax law passed, and most Americans can be expected to get a few more dollars every paycheck. What will it cost us?

School shuts down over racist graffiti

A project by ProPublica seeks to reliably record hate-related crimes and incidents around the country. Schools can help.

2nd private school to close in Frederick this year

Another private Christian school will close this year in the town of Frederick in Central Maryland. The school says enrollment is too low to continue.

Choice, autonomy, and equity in schools

Voxitatis is seeking comments on a way to assess the quality of education provided by schools that is based on more than a standardized test score.

K12 Inc. gets a boost with DeVos

It's possible that a momentary rally in the price of K12 Inc. stock was driven, in part, by the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as US secretary of education.

Public & private schools on the same playing field

Private schools tend to win more than their fair share of state championships, and some states take measures to level the playing field.

School Choice Week in America, 2016

School choice rallies are set for around the country this week. Laws surrounding school choice, passing anew, are also being challenged in court.