Sunday, October 25, 2020
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E-learning fails our students & teachers

Some Md. students, teachers, & parents are exasperated with e-learning and are throwing in the towel. When will this bad experiment end?

Let Them Play Sports rally planned in Md.

Some Md. parents in Anne Arundel Co. want the schools to allow students to play fall sports, starting now, not in the spring.

Women around the world march to the polls

The Women's March took place in 100s of places across the US, as women took to the streets over several important issues.

Statue commemorating national anthem defaced

Another statue of the national anthem has been defaced in Baltimore, with the words "racist anthem" spray painted nearby.

It’s Wildcard Weekend in the NFL. Who knew?

Fan support for NFL teams is down, but TV ratings may not tell the whole story. Yet in high school, rivalries still bring excitement.

On protesting the national anthem & Pledge

2 Houston-area students sue their school district because teachers ostracized them after they refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

In Portland, the day after & the day before

Anti-white supremacy marchers dotted the nation yesterday, including here in Portland, Ore. Trump tweeted something about healing.

When political violence goes to college

Violence on college campuses isn't anything new, but when it brings a dose of white supremacy, colleges sometimes can't deal with it.

Some schools close on “Day Without Women”

A general strike and a few closed schools marked International Women's Day in the US this year, following Trump's election.