Monday, October 18, 2021
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On Trump’s critique of Maria’s death toll

Criticism of the science behind the elevated death toll from Maria is less supported than a critique of Trump's critique.

Number killed in Hurricane Maria may exceed 1,000

A Puerto Rican hurricane may have killed a much higher number of people than the government's official estimate of 64.

Puerto Rico’s hurricane recovery is a slow process

Reopening schools in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria will take some doing, some time, and some heroic efforts all around.

Puerto Rican students arrive in Florida, in droves

Recovery efforts in Puerto Rico are slow. But schools are eventually going to get through this, thanks also to schools on the mainland. What next?

Money in the bank but still broke in Puerto Rico

Cash is king, but in Puerto Rico, much of which is still without power, it has become the queen, jester, and pauper as well.

Mainland schools ready for Puerto Rican students

Puerto Rican students are expected to have to continue their education on the mainland, because their schools can't be used after Hurricane Maria.

Caribbean braces for Hurricane Maria, now a Cat. 5

Puerto Rico is in the direct path of Hurricane Maria, expected to be the strongest storm to hit the island in about 85 years.